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Need to get rid of a computer or hard drive?

Data destruction services are provided by Great Basin Data Recovery. We will take your old hard drive(s) or computer(s) and destroy any existing data. We provide this service to corporations as well as individuals.

Don't let your personal information or intellectual property fall into the wrong hands!.

We offer professional data destruction services, giving you the peace of mind that there will be absolutely no data remaining on your computer or hard drive when you let it go.

For a nominal fee, we will do the following:

  • Wipe all data sources, leaving "nothing but zeros."
  • Verify that no data remains.
  • We can even document out data destruction and send you a document confirming that all data sources are blank.

You can be confident that we will handle your equipment properly and that your unwanted data will never again see the light of day.

We also offer discounts on multiple units destroyed


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The professionals at Great Basin Data Recovery can recover data from almost all media types including Floppy Disks, Thumb drives, CDROM, Flash Memory, Note Book Hard Drives, and ATA/SATA Hard Drives. For businesses, Great Basin Data Recovery can also assist you by recovering data from your business servers, including RAID's.

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