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Have a crashed hard drive? Did your camera's memory card die -- maybe taking your wedding photos with it?  We can help!

We offer full service data recovery for all computers including Mac's and PC's along with various other systems.  Our data recovery experts can work with almost any digital media, including:

  • Hard Drives
    • Desktop, Laptop and networks
    • Mac's and PC's
    • External Hard Drives
    • Solid State Drives
    • Network Attached Storage Devices (NAS)
  • Raid Arrays
    • Raid 0
    • Raid 1
    • Raid 5
  • Thumb Drives & Flash Drives
  • Memory Cards
  • Cameras
  • Tape
  • Cellular telephones

Since almost every device failure is different in some way, we will provide a free evaluation to determine the root of the problem, estimate the probability of success, and quote your cost.  Bring your failed or failing hard drive to our office Monday - Friday 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. If you are out of the area call us for assistance at:


and we will provide you with shipping information.

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To help you understand the process, let's look at the basic steps required to determine if there is any recoverable data:

1. Diagnosis and Evaluation- Diagnosing what is wrong with the hard drive or media allows our technicians to determine the appropriate method for recovering your lost data. This process can usually be done within 24 hours from the time the media is received.

2. Estimate- After our diagnosis and evaluation we provide the client with a firm quote of the costs to complete the work. The client then decides whether to proceed with the recovery attempt.

3. Media Remediation- This is any temporary repair of electrical or physical damage to the media to allow for the transfer of data from the media. No permanent fixes are done to the media.

4. Data Preservation and Extraction- This is the process of copying all the data (from beginning to the end of the media's physical space) from the failing media to a working hard drive or storage location. This “clone” of the media is done with tools specific to this purpose which allow the data recovery specialist to control the process including the internal drive heads, the number of reads down per sector and skipping damaged areas. Additionally this imaging may be done in the reverse to accommodate the drives limited functionality.

5. Logical Recovery- This is the actual phase where your data is recovered. Using industry standard tools, we will recover all the data from the “clone”  that can be extracted. A successful recovery depends on the state of the data as extracted. Any corruption to the data will be identified at this time.

6. Analyze Data- At this point in the process we will prepare the results of the recovery and provide this information to the client.

7. Return- Upon approval of the recovered data we will organize the data into a viewable state and transfer it onto an agreed upon media for return to the customer.



The professionals at Great Basin Data Recovery can recover data from almost all media types including Floppy Disks, Thumb drives, CDROM, Flash Memory, Note Book Hard Drives, and ATA/SATA Hard Drives. For businesses, Great Basin Data Recovery can also assist you by recovering data from your business servers, including RAID's.

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